About Alexis Michopoulos, D.O.

Lifestyle Medicine and Integrative Health located in Denver, CO

Dr. Alexis Michopoulos, DO, is helping patients embrace a new standard of health at her Lifestyle Medicine and Integrative Health practice in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Michopoulos, a Board Certified Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician, has patients that rely upon her for whole-person medical care with a collaborative approach. 

Dr. Michopoulos offers comprehensive osteopathic medical evaluations, lab testing, and careful symptom reviews in conjunction with honest and open discussions with patients to guide treatment planning. She always takes the time to answer questions and support patients on their health journey.

Patients struggling with thyroid health, women’s hormonal health, weight loss, cardiovascular health, chronic diseases, and other health problems get the treatments and education they need to heal themselves, modify illness, and prevent disease.

Treatment plans from Dr. Alexis Michopoulos, DO, include lifestyle changes, supplements, herbs, osteopathic manipulation, and other whole-body approaches to health and wellness. Dr. Michopoulos helps patients correct health problems from within the body, providing long-lasting wellness instead of temporary symptom management. 

At this time, Dr. Michopoulos is accepting new patients in the Denver office. Call the office or click the online scheduling feature to set up a visit today. 

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